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What is the Die Casting Process? The High Pressure Die Casting Process

The die casting process is versatile for producing engineered metal parts by forcing molten metal under high pressure into reusable steel molds. Email: diecasting@rcmindustries.com.

As an OEM Design Engineer or OEM Purchasing Agent you will benefit with robotic automation technology in designing your metal die casting parts in APQP ( Advanced Product Quality Planning ), Process Simulation, Tech Reviews, Tooling Design and with Part Production Monitoring. That's because Die Casting Manufacturing Automation is not just Robotics. Automation Saves You Money!

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The Die Casting Process Step By Step

This video guides you through the die casting process, step by step.

Importers producing die-cast parts or products in Asia will benefit from understanding more about this process in order to fully understand what your supplier is doing on your behalf.

We cover in detail:

- Clamping phase
- Injection phase
- Cooling phase
- Ejection phase
- Trimming phase

We'll also watch an animation of the die casting process occurring so that you know what it looks like.


Watch the rest of these die casting videos in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLe6HcPyZQsM-IPLgDy9BTds2SHFutWBor

If you have any questions regarding producing YOUR die casted products, or need help, feel free to contact us over at Sofeast: https://www.sofeast.com/contact-us/

You may also like to learn more about the materials \u0026 processes that we're experienced in working with on this page: https://www.sofeast.com/resources/materials-processes/

And also, the products that we are expert in here: https://www.sofeast.com/resources/products/

Die Casting - Permanent Mold Casting Processes.

This class covers the following topics in details:
a. Overview of Die Casting as a Permanent Mold Casting Process.
b. Steps of die casting.
c. Types of die-casting and die-casting machines.
d. Hot-chamber die-casting machines.
- steps of Hot-chamber die-casting.
e. Cold-chamber die-casting machines.
- steps of Cold-chamber die-casting.
f. Applications of Hot-chamber and Cold-chamber die casting.
g. Molds for die-casting.
h. Advantages of die casting.
i. Disadvantages of die casting

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